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Restorative Dental Care in Pottstown, PA

Our smiles are made up of some of the strongest, most durable structures in the entire human body. But when accidents, tooth decay, or gum disease come into play, it can leave a permanent impact on both our self-esteem and diet. Fortunately, we offer a full menu of restorative therapies to rehabilitate your smile and help you feel your very best. 

Treatment Plans Tailored to You

When you have a broken, worn, or missing tooth, Dr. Zitter will present you with all viable options and discuss the advantages of each one. We believe that you should play an educated role in rejuvenating your smile, so every treatment plan we offer is part of a co-planning process. Thanks to our high-resolution digital imaging and X-rays, you can see exactly the same things that we do during your dental exam. As you review your choices, we believe you’ll feel more comfortable and informed about your overall oral health experience. 

Your Comfort is Key

We’ve designed our Pottstown, PA located practice to feel more like a spa and less like a dental office. During your visit, you can enjoy comfort amenities like headphones and warm hand towels, as well as spa-like music and aromatherapy. 

Our Treatments

Composite Fillings


Our white dental fillings are amalgam-free and matched to the natural color of your smile, making them practically invisible to everyone else. Composite fillings bond closely with your healthy tooth structure, allowing us to place smaller and more conservative restorations that preserve as much natural enamel as possible. 


Emergency Patients Welcome

If you’re in pain or need to see a dentist quickly because of a dental related issue, please contact us immediately. 

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