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Preventative Dental Care
in Pottstown, PA

With early intervention and a proven preventative strategy, common concerns like tooth decay and gum disease can be avoided or treated in more conservative manners. By scheduling your dental checkup twice a year, we can help you enjoy a healthier smile that lasts a lifetime. 

Preventative Cleanings

To keep your smile healthy, preventative cleanings are recommended every six months. During these visits, we’ll gently remove calcified tartar buildup and soft plaque deposits along the gumlines and polish away surface stains to leave your smile looking brighter and refreshed. We will also perform a thorough hard and  soft tissue exam, screening for issues like gum disease, tooth decay, and sleep apnea. 

Our Preventative Care Services

Digital X-Rays

High-resolution digital X-rays allow Dr. Zitter to evaluate areas of your oral anatomy that are not visible during a clinical exam. Thanks to low-dose imaging techniques, we can easily assess entire tooth surfaces to check for cavities, abscesses, and bone loss and plan therapies such as dental implants or wisdom tooth removal. 

Periodontal Care

Advanced gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss in the United States. Through regular screenings, we can intercept soft tissue infections earlier, when they’re easier to manage or even reverse. If you do have active periodontitis, we offer therapeutic deep cleanings (periodontal scaling and root planing) to halt the spread of infection and stabilize the supportive tissues around your teeth. 

Sleep Apnea and Snoring Appliances

Do you suffer from chronic snoring or suspect that you have a sleeping disorder? Dr. Zitter is licensed to provide custom oral sleep appliances without any additional medical referrals. These special sleep mouthpieces naturally open your airway by repositioning your lower jaw to prevent soft tissue blockage. 

Oral Cancer Scanning

Anyone can develop oral cancer, but risk factors like sun exposure, smoking, alcohol intake, and some viruses like HPV can raise your chances of abnormal tissues inside of your mouth. We routinely screen for precancerous areas in order to provide the best chance of getting ahead of this deadly disease. 

Fluoride Treatment

Topical fluoride can re-mineralize weak areas of enamel before physical cavities are created inside your tooth. Fluoride is also helpful for managing tooth sensitivity. We recommend a fluoride application following each professional cleaning. 

Mouth Guards (Sports Guards & Night Guards)

Protective sports mouthguards and night guards safeguard your teeth (and dental work) against accidental chips and wear. In fact, wearing a professionally fitted sports guard can lower your risk of a concussion during traumatic injuries like hits or falls. Custom mouthguards are both more comfortable and effective compared to one-size appliances sold in stores. 

Your First Appointment: What to Expect

When you arrive for your dental exam and cleaning at our Pottstown, PA location, you’ll check in with our front desk to complete any necessary paperwork. One of our assistants will then escort you back to the clinical area to have a set of digital X-rays taken (for diagnostic purposes) and meet with Dr. Zitter and discuss any concerns you may have. We’ll complete a thorough examination of your teeth and soft tissues and an oral cancer screening. We can also provide a preventative cleaning on the same day, with your total appointment lasting about an hour. If you need any type of treatment, we’ll work up a custom care plan that breaks down all of your options, as well as financing information. 


During your stay, you’ll notice a warm ambiance with carefully selected aromatherapy for relaxation, spa-type music, optional headphones, and refreshing warm towels for you to freshen up.

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