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Membership Plans

Our Membership Plans offer dental procedures at discount, with a flat fee. Cutting out insurance entirely allows us to provide the best care at the best price. With the annual fee, we cover essential dental care and offer discounts on other needs.

Regular Price: $741

Membership Price: $370

Included Services:

2 Exams

2 Cleanings

Check up x-rays

1 Fluoride Treatment

1 Emergency exam with x-ray

Serenity Dental Spa Adult Membership

Yearly Membership Plan

Regular Price: $685

Membership Price: $300

Included Services:

2 Exams

2 cleanings

Check up X rays

2 Fluoride Treatments

1 Emergency Exam with x-ray

Serenity Dental Spa Child Membership

Yearly Membership Plan (up to 17 )

Serenity Dental Spa Membership Plans vs. Insurance

Insurance comes with:

  • Deductibles

  • Pre-authorizations

  • Many Exclusions

  • Low Yearly Maximum Coverage

  • Waiting Periods

Our Membership Plans include:

  • No Yearly Maximums

  • No Deductibles

  • No Claim Forms

  • No Frequency Limitations

  • No Pre-authorizations

  • No Pre-existing Condition Limitations

  • No one will be Denied Coverage

  • No Waiting Periods (immediate eligibility)

Why do we offer our plan?

More people are choosing to avoid dental offices due to lack of dental benefits provided by their employer.  Routine dental care can often prevent most oral health problems and other serious life threatening systemic health concerns. We want to make sure that routine care is accessible. Our goal is always to provide excellent patient care first.

20% Off additional dental work needed excluding Orthodontics, Implant and Cosmetic procedures which are at a 10% discount!

Terms and Conditions:

  • This plan is only valid at this location: Serenity Dental Spa.

  • This is not dental insurance. The fee that is being paid is not an insurance premium.

  • This plan cannot be combined with dental insurance

  • All payments are due at the time of service to receive the discount. Any services not paid in full will be billed at our regular fee.

  • No refunds will be given if plan is not used or if spouse/child obtain dental insurance.

  • 12 month term effective from day of signing up.

  • Plans and fees are subject to change on a yearly basis. These changes will be communicated before renewal of plan.

  • Member cannot combine membership plan with third party financing.

  • Missed appointment fees are not covered by this plan.

  • Membership plans are not transferable.

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