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Clear Aligners Available in Pottstown, PA

Improving the alignment and symmetry of your smile can make it both healthier and more attractive. With clear aligners in Pottstown, you can complete the entire orthodontic experience without any visible metal braces or wires. No special referrals are needed, as everything is completed at our dental spa.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

More comfortable to wear

Enjoy all of your favorite foods

Easy home care and maintenance

Fewer appointments

Fast, digitally proven results

Discreet from start to finish

Candidates for SureSmile

Clear aligners work well for adults of all ages, with no upper age restrictions.


Some teens also qualify for clear aligners, particularly if they are responsible and confident about wearing their removable aligners as directed. 


You may want to consider clear orthodontics as a complement to your smile makeover or as part of a comprehensive approach for managing periodontal disease or TMJ disorder. 


Health Advantages of Straighter Teeth

When you correct your bite alignment or address issues such as crowding, the appearance of your smile isn’t the only thing to benefit. You also drastically lower your risk of cavities, gum disease, and TMJ disorder. Properly aligned teeth are also less likely to wear down prematurely, prolonging the overall life of each of your teeth. Dr. Zitter may recommend incorporating clear aligners into your care plan if you’re undergoing a smile makeover or periodontal therapy.

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

First, Dr. Zitter will take a digital scan of your bite and send the information to the digital laboratory, where your proposed treatment is worked up, including a digital preview of your results and a breakdown of how many aligners are needed to complete the process. If you’re ready to move forward with treatment, we order the aligners and deliver them in sets about once every other month. You’ll wear each pair of trays every day for two weeks before progressing to the next pair in the series. 


Instead of braces pushing or pulling your teeth through a series of adjustments or colorful bands, clear aligners nudge your teeth into the desired position in smaller increments. Every two weeks, your teeth are moved more closely to the end goal.

Only remove your aligners when you’re eating or cleaning your teeth. 


Although each case is different, the average clear aligner's case takes about 12 months to complete from start to finish. More aesthetic cases that are limited to your front teeth may only take six months, while complex cases can require about a year and a half. 

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